With our singular focus on telco, expertise in 4G & 5G and vendor-agnostic approach, we can help you simplify your digital transformation efforts.

No other telco analytics provider combines the strengths that Guavus has to accelerate your business growth in a 5G world:

Pure-Play Analytics for Telco Operational Environments

Guavus is a pure-play telecom analytics provider. We’ve been working with the world’s largest MNOs globally for more than 15 years and have applied our data science and AI/ML-driven operational and behavioral analytics expertise to overcome your critical business challenges impacting customer experience, service quality, operating efficiency, revenue and profitability.

Transition Expertise – From 4G to 5G and Beyond

2g 3g 4g 5g

Guavus has developed analytics products that simplify your transition from 4G to 5G by ensuring consistent quality of service in 4G and leveraging your existing investments in 4G tools, personnel, processes and service assurance, while providing automation beyond that which humans or robots can handle.

And thanks to our history of building 2G, 3G, 4G and core networks within leading CSPs, we have been embedded in enterprise organizations and know their inner workings intimately.

Future-Proof Solutions that Are Open & Standards-Based

Our solutions are open and vendor-agnostic which means they work across multiple proprietary vendor tools you may have, fostering multi-vendor interoperability which is crucial for operating 5G networks successfully.

MNOs need to adopt a new approach for 5G which is based on a system architecture that enables self-monitoring, self-diagnosing, self-driving autonomous networks. Guavus standards-based and AI/ML-driven solutions can scale with the complexity of 5G, helping you to avoid costly future tech debt.

Uniquely Positioned – Lean Innovator Inside a Technology Leader


Guavus is uniquely positioned – we are a lean team within a world-renowned global high-tech leader.

As an integral part of Thales, we provide analytics to support aerospace, defense, aeronautics, transportation and security, gaining the intellectual diversity and agility necessary to solve those problems, then re-approach telco challenges with fresh ideas and new and innovative solutions.

Guavus’ agility and size allow us to respond nimbly to changes in the market and execute quickly on your strategies.

Recognized by the Industry as a CSP Analytics Leader & Innovator

 Guavus products and capabilities have been widely recognized by the telco press and analyst industry for innovation, quality, and value. We have been featured as a leader in CSP analytics and streaming analytics in a number of leading analyst reports. Additionally, we have received many industry awards and accolades through the years.

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