Artificial Intelligence

Leverage AI to gain insights, predict outcomes and enable accurate, prescriptive actions for your business

Our team of scientists have developed complex, supervised and unsupervised self-learning algorithms that extend beyond today’s machine learning techniques to invoke reasoning.

AI & Machine Learning

A simple explanation by Dr. Roger Brooks

Artificial Intelligence versus Machine Learning explained:

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a branch of analytics in which machines continuously improve their ability to recognize patterns as they are trained with more examples, without having to be programmed to handle each example or pattern. Based on the sample data that the machine has been given, it can build models to systematically map and compare new data or situations with past events and patterns and project outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) goes beyond Machine Learning (ML) as it provides the system with the ability to reason. Intelligent systems form a hypothesis from raw, disparate data to develop new, valid information which is not a direct result of the data or knowledge available to it today.

It employs advanced mathematics to create associations between entities or events without having ever seen such maps or patterns before.

Automatically putting data into context enables the network to predict and prescribe actions. By leveraging ML and AI, businesses can predict the needs of their customers and networks, automate preventative actions, and tailor their products and services based on derived behavioral insights.



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