Our Technology

Open, Extensible, Scalable Approach

At Guavus, our focus is to deliver value by enabling right-time decisions and closed loop actions from big data.

Guavus Reflex platform leads this charge through 3 areas of technology:

Collection and processing of big data at high speeds

We have years of expertise ingesting, normalizing and curating huge quantities of streaming and static data in real-time, utilizing edge-analytics for optimal response time.

Enhanced and integrated best-of-breed open source components

We have selected the highest performing open-source components, enhanced them for manageability, stability and performance and integrated them into one hardened platform.

Application of artificial intelligence

We have developed advanced algorithms that go beyond machine learning to contextualize, model behaviors and apply reasoning to the data sets to predict outcomes and prescribe actions.

This approach to technology provides products and solutions tailored to solve critical business problems and realize concrete value very quickly.

Guavus Reflex Platform

Our Technology - the Heart, Body and Brain

Guavus disrupts the status quo with our unique distributed architecture, AI and purpose-built applications.