Guavus-IQ AI/ML-based Analytics and Automation solutions offer carrier-grade performance, scalability, reliability, and resiliency for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

Our Core: Guavus Reflex

Underneath the hood, Guavus Reflex™ powers the Guavus-IQ products and comes pre-configured to ingest both batch and streaming data sources from a wide range of vendors.

Our technology uses real-time, context-aware operational (Ops-IQ) and behavioral (Service-IQ) streaming analytics pipelines. Guavus-IQ inherits all the benefits of the Reflex platform including a small hardware footprint, open application programming interfaces (APIs).

The technology is easy to deploy on both hybrid cloud and on-premise environments, and centralized operations, administration, maintenance (OAM) & security.

Carrier-Grade Performance

Guavus-IQ leverage Reflex’s AI/ML-based Analytics and Automation capabilities offer carrier-grade performance, scalability, reliabilit and resiliency.

You can focus on realizing business value without the intense mechanics of collecting and processing data nor the complexity of building AI/ML models. Incident prediction, behavioral analytics, root issue analysis, micro-segmentation and anomaly setection are examples of AI/ML-based analytics being leveraged today.

Our Architecture

The Guavus ReflexTM distributed architecture is the most flexible available today and can be deployed in a distributed or centralized model. Rather than transporting all the data back to a central site to be processed there, Guavus’ platform is based on a distributed architecture for optimal handling of data from separate silos.

Regional sites can have smaller implementations of Reflex running at each site, performing the same advanced analytics at edge, in real-time.

Reflex Orchestrate: DevOps Driven, Nimble and Secure

The Guavus Reflex Platform incorporates the latest in container technology. As a result it simplifies the problem of getting software to run reliably when moved from a developer’s test system, through a staging environment and into production, whether it is a physical machine in a data center or a virtual machine in a private or public cloud environment.

Amazon redshift, oracle, snowflake, mongo DB, PostgreSQL

Reflex Store: Native, Open Source & Cloud

We offer support for enterprise relational databases, NoSQL databases, open source databases and cloud-native data warehouses.

Reflex Compute: Small-footprint Stream Processing

Guavus Reflex integrates several compute technologies to provide a best-of-breed approach to the many compute-intensive problems facing CSPs.

Reflex Connect: Unified Data Ingestion

Guavus Reflex bundles a collection of adapters and parsers that simplify data collection and ingestion processes.

Reflex ML Engine: Powering the Analytics Experience

Over many years, Guavus has used Reflex ML to develop significant CSP Analytics that ship today as part of Service-IQ & Ops-IQ.

Guavus Reflex spans all the technology components required to deliver industrial strength applications that process large, real-time data volumes with carrier-grade complexity.

Resource Efficiency

Guavus-IQ streaming analytics are CPU efficient, that they require only a fraction of the compute hardware required by traditional analytics solutions through their use of advanced big data collection capabilities and in-memory, real-time stream processing edge analytics.

Our Customers Are 30x Happier

At a customer, Guavus-IQ was able to perform a real-world CSP data stitching application at a speed of 55.75MB/sec/CPU core, replacing a legacy solution based on Spark that ran at 1.76MB/sec/CPU core.

A 30x increase in resource efficiency that mapped directly onto a 30x reduction in the hardware required. This results in more powerful data collection and analytics from over 200+ sources at a fraction of the cost.

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