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Guavus Introduces a New Customer Experience Analytics Suite Powered by Fast Data Operational Intelligence

Big Data Analytics Applications Provide Contextual Insights to Better Understand Customer Experience and Improve Customer Interactions with Personalized Care and Marketing

SAN MATEO, Calif – Nov. 12, 2015 – Guavus, Inc., a leading provider of big data analytics applications for operational intelligence, today announced the launch of a new suite of applications to enable the next generation of contextual customer experience analytics that fully illustrate the customer journey across networks and services. The new application suite enables Service Providers to correlate and fuse petabytes of streaming and operational data with customer data in real-time transforming the Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Marketing functions towards real-time, contextual customer care and proactive business processes. The Customer Experience Analytics suite leverages the same data framework as Guavus’ Service Reflex application, which provides insights into service operations, thus providing customers with a complete end-to-end view of the operating environment.

By providing a holistic analytics layer across network, operational and customer data, plus a unified multichannel view, Guavus’ Customer Experience Suite enables enterprises to:

  • Monetize and operationalize data for improved contextual care and personalization: CSPs are now able to monitor and measure the customer experience at an unprecedented granular network level and be able to efficiently remediate an individual’s quality of experience, proactively serve up personalized offers and rapidly enable self-service customer care portals for more immediate satisfaction keeping them at par with capabilities offered by digital providers.
  • Deliver a higher quality experience: Beyond solely looking at Net Promoter scores as a measurement of experience, Guavus’ Customer Experience applications provide context for why a customer is experiencing service in a certain way and defines actions that can be taken in the moment to address service quality.
  • Drive customer advocacy and increase ARPU: CSPs can easily identify their most profitable customers and provide them with a more personalized service and exceptional experience that is worth talking about.
  • Generate new revenue streams by monetizing data to 3rd parties for advertising or content personalization: audience segments are qualified in near real-time through dynamic profiling. This helps marketers efficiently reach specific audiences and offer advertisers/partners one of the most accurate audience Data-as-a-Service (DaaS).


“Net Promoter Score has long been top of mind for service providers as a measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, as choice has increased, the playing field has levelled out and CSPs must differentiate through a superior customer experience to remain competitive both with peers and new entrants. As such, they need to understand the dynamics of how their services are impacting every customer experience and leverage that knowledge to take proactive measures and deliver personalized interactions,” said Anukool Lakhina, CEO & Founder, Guavus. “With our heritage leveraging massive scale computing to process big data analytics at the edge, sophisticated data science that differentiates our offering among the CEM landscape and proven track record in the communications industry, we are in a unique position to bring to market products that address these needs.”

The next-generation Guavus Customer Experience suite is built around two core analytics applications that leverage a common framework for maximum reusability and extensibility:

Care Reflex: provides customer care agents with unprecedented and granular near real-time insights to determine the precise impactful events affecting the quality of experience at critical points in the customer journey by subscriber. As a result, problems are identified and resolved faster and subscribers receive personalized service that improves customer satisfaction and reduces churn. Care teams can:

  • Reduce average handle time (AHT), lower mean-time-to-repair (MTTR), increase first call resolution and reduce repeat calls by enabling smarter, more contextual care
  • Quickly discriminate between network vs. device and customer-centric vs. service-wide problems for smarter triaging and reduced no fault found (NFF) equipment returns
  • Reduce inbound call volume and ‘bill shock’ by enabling self-service care that allows customers to better understand their usage behaviour at a fine grained level in a way that existing billing and BSS systems cannot provide given the growing rate of data usage and complexity of networks.
  • Easily integrate with existing Customer Support platforms to provide enriched analytics capabilities for maximum flexibility and extensibility


Marketing Reflex: enables operators to gain a greater understanding of subscribers’ interests to strengthen their competitive position against digital providers and find new revenue opportunities to overcome flat ARPU. Marketing teams can:

  • Collect, classify, categorize and understand audience interests as well as their key use of applications, devices, networks and content.
  • Increase upsell/cross-sell opportunities through accurate and advanced customer profiling
  • Increase revenue by discovering new customer segments with shared interests
  • Deliver personalized and consistent subscriber engagement that improves customer retention and grows customer advocacy across multichannel touch points
  • Monetize data assets with third parties, turning network data into profitable Data-as-a-Service business model
  • Easily integrate with existing systems through Guavus’ API design, which enables operators to access data through third-party business intelligence tools such as Tableau

“The biggest challenge that so many operators face in drawing actionable insights from their data is that it usually resides in a variety of silos across their organizations,” said Justin van der Lande, Principal Analyst, Analysys Mason. “This makes it very difficult to understand network and customer events in the context of one another, and almost impossible to do so within the timescales needed to make that information useful. This is why we’re seeing a trend in operators looking for analytics applications to support specific requirements that consolidate relevant sources of data, provide real-time capability if needed, and require much less effort to implement than using general purpose tools.”

About Guavus

Guavus solves the world’s most complex data problems. Proven across Fortune 500 enterprises, Guavus provides a new generation of analytically powered big data applications to address specific business problems for next-generation service assurance, next-generation customer experience management and the Internet of Things. The Company uniquely breaks down the barriers between Operational Support Systems and Business Support Systems to enable customers to more efficiently plan network capacity, improve service operations and deliver a better customer experience. Guavus’ operational intelligence applications correlate and analyze massive amounts of streaming and stored business, operational and sensor data from multiple, disparate source systems in real time. Guavus products currently process more than two Trillion transactions per day.

Posted by Mathilde Remy