Understand the What, When, Where and How of Your Network

ContentReflex enables CSPs to understand how content usage affects specific network elements for more efficient capacity planning, more accurate forecasting of infrastructure needs and to identify and prioritize network elements for capacity expansion. Out-of-the-box analytics are collected and visualized in near real time to perform traffic categorization in terms of content, volume and network costs.

Key Benefits

•  Enable more accurate device and gateway forecasts and impact analysis
•  Increase network utilization and performance
•  Improve cost and quality of service delivery by proactively eliminating congestion zones
•  Increase ARPU, upsell new services and understand trending services
•  Identify network traffic anomalies to enforce service assurance or prevent revenue leakage

Out of the Box Analytics

•  Network Topology
•  Device Profile
•  Subscriber Consumption
•  Content Analytics
•  Access Technology

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