Service Assurance & Quality of Experience

Guavus Service Reflex is a big data analytics application that enables Service Providers to dynamically improve service quality and enhance customer experience by ingesting, fusing and contextualizing network impacting events with subscriber data in real time.

Key Benefits

  • Providing a holistic analytics layer across care, network and field operations
  • Removing the barrier to operationalizing data that has traditionally sat in silos, helping to reduce mean time to knowing if a subscriber-impacting issue is occurring and understanding the key drivers
  • Automating remediation, such as device reboots, call deflections and truck roll cancelations
  • Monitoring and measuring the service experience at an unprecedented  granular network level and enables Service Providers to respond to an individual’s quality of experience in a more proactive and real-time manner


Out of the Box Analytics

  • Actionable analytics: Anomaly detection, root cause analysis and commonality correlation to uncover previously undetectable, small-scale issues while reducing false negatives and non-service impacting alarms
  • Health maps: Geographical representation of anomalies allows users to drill-down into root cause context for areas with abnormally high care and network-based events
  • Improved segmentation for ad hoc analysis on cloud-based services: Real-time insights to continually improve change management processes and reduce testing time from days to hours
  • Seamless integration with third- party incident management and trouble ticketing systems: Delivers a closed loop application for automated remediation for planned service upgrades, definition scope and change management based on anomaly detection
  • Performance monitoring: Identifies the impact of outage & maintenance events, software upgrades, etc. on customers and quickly sends alerts for high impact events
  • Workforce management & field operations: Provides a holistic view of network and care events and identifies when issues can be corrected at the network level to eliminate unnecessary, costly truck rolls; allows technicians to more efficiently address in-home issues the first time and reduce repeat visits; and delivers key insights into technician performance for KPIs, such as on-time rate, in-home test successes and repeat issue rates


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