IPDR Mediation & Usage Metering

Guavus Pipeline is a comprehensive IPDR Mediation platform that enables massive scale collection of usage data, real-time processing, calculation and usage reporting. With Guavus Pipeline operators can implement fine-grained, real-time usage metering.

Key Benefits

•  Usage accounting and usage-based billing
•  Network and service planning
•  Congestion mitigation
•  Comprehensive DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 service definition support
•  Next-Gen Ready — Full CCAP and DPoE System support
•  Modular architecture & open APIs with proven integration
•  Most accurate and widely trusted IPDR system in the industry

Out of the Box Analytics

Pipeline Core (Pump, Refinery, Meter & Gate)

  • Usage by cable modem (CM)
  • Drop usage from non-HSD managed services from CM usage reports
  • Usage by service flow with service class
  • 15-minute/hourly usage summaries
  • Data interpolation for uneven data delivery and clock alignment
  • Top talkers
  • Top talkers on congested interfaces
  • Top talkers during busy hour/time of day

Pipeline TrueUp & Subscriber Insights 

  • Usage by account (even with CM swaps/multiple CMs)
  • Usage by service tier
  • Usage by device type (manufacturer & model)
  • Usage by network topology
  • Usage by geography (zip code, state, etc)

Pipeline Meter

•  Top Talkers
•  Top Talkers on Congested Interfaces
•  Top Talkers during Busy Hour/Time of Day

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