IP Wholesale and Peer Prospecting

Guavus IP Reflex analytics application provides detailed and timely insights that explain how customers, peers and prospects interact with the network. The application allows users, by Sales Team, Peering Managers, Finance, and Network Planning Teams, to analyze customer profitability, monitor for peering SLA’s, identify sales prospects and evaluate usage trends and risk profiles.

Key Benefits

•  Maximizing revenue potential, add tiered pricing with higher margins
•  Reduce churn, increase customer retention, expand customer bae
•  Evaluate peering effectiveness and policy violations
•  Identify overlooked revenues, increased customer satisfaction, high value customers and improved margins for low ranked customers
•  Analyzes wide ranges of network data sources including: Netflow (v5, v9, IPFIX, JFlow) and Routing (BGP, ISIS)

Out of the Box Analytics

•  Network wide summary
•  Peering Analytics
•  Customer Analytics
•  Sales module to uplift revenue
•  AS Interaction
•  Interface Analytics
•  Finance Module

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