Guavus Smart Care

Transforming Customer Care Operations

Getting ahead of customer issues and calls is the name of the game for customer care operations. Guavus enables care teams to stay a step ahead of incidents by providing a detailed picture of what is happening in real-time with the customer’s service, devices and the network that he or she is using.  Guavus Smart Care readily integrates with existing customer care systems and recommends resolutions through advanced predictive algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI), thus shortening the time from call to resolution and enabling self-help through digital channels.

Guavus Smart Care

Guavus Smart Care is a big data operations analytics module that enables organizations to deliver superior customer support through rapid problem triage and effective zero-touch digital care channels. Smart Care provides a comprehensive view of the customer and their activity in real-time. It ingests and correlates electronic data records (EDRs) including flow and http and telephony application server call data records (CDRs), and combines them with customer call support records. Agents are presented with detailed subscriber insights regarding data and app usage behavior and the success or failure of their voice calls in natural language text scripts, explaining probable causes for the support call.

Smart Care exposes rich northbound application program interfaces (APIs) for quick integration with self-care portals or agent dashboards to enable superior care. In the case of zero-touch digital care, Guavus uses machine learning to collect, correlate and analyze millions of time series events and automatically establish and maintain pattern correlations and baselines between customer events, equipment error messages and incidents. Artificial intelligence algorithms are applied to determine parent/child and issue/effect relationships between error messages and incidents. This aids in the determination of cause and presents customers with self-help suggestions, greatly reducing the time to resolution.

Features and Benefits

  • Dramatic reduction in average hold time of calls
  • Quick triage of true issue through correlation of events, behaviors and network data
  • Translation of machine alerts to natural language responses
  • Upsell of new products and service via comprehensive view of customer preferences
  • Enablement of zero-touch self-help through digital channels

Guavus Smart Care uses predictive analytics and AI found in the Reflex platform to enable self help

Support for critical operational use cases includes:

Guavus Smart Care

  • Call Triage and Call Reason Narrowing
  • Incident Anticipation and Avoidance
  • Zero Touch Support with Digital Only Interaction

Guavus Smart Care Datasheet