Guavus Security Intelligence

Leverage the Power of Machine Learning and AI for Adaptive, Comprehensive Security

Guavus empowers security operations teams with the analytics they need for effective threat detection, hunting and remediation. Ingesting and combining security data that is separated in isolated devices and systems, Guavus correlates this information with other key data sources to get a comprehensive view of the network. Using artificial intelligence, Guavus automatically detects analogous behavior to show security analysts where threats may be imminent without overwhelming them with false positives. Guavus leverages all security intelligence available to help identify real threats even before they may be detected via legacy security appliances and methods.

Guavus Security Intelligence

Guavus Security Intelligence is a big data streaming analytics module that brings immediate value across all Security Operations Center (SOC) functions by providing advanced threat detection capabilities and integrated threat hunting tools to validate and prioritize immediate threats. The Security Intelligence platform ingests and correlates billions of events from next-generation firewalls, next-generation intrusion prevention systems (NGIPS), application and system logs, web-proxies and real-time threat intelligence feeds to provide SOC analysts with a comprehensive visualization of the entire network.

Using artificial intelligence and data science, Guavus contextualizes security data from multiple sources, automatically establishes thousands of baselines and detects irregular patterns and anomalous behavior to identify emerging threats that remain undetected by existing rule-based or signature-based security products.

Guavus enhances the security tools you already have in place to identify advanced threats by correlating identity analytics with peer group and user or entity behavioral analytics, detecting and validating network and resource threats without human intervention. Threats are contextualized, classified and then prioritized by a custom scoring analytics engine to determine their severity and level of risk so that SOC analysts can focus their threat hunting efforts on true areas of concern, and put repeatable procedures in place to eliminate the threats through the security operations and automation framework.

Features and Benefits

  • Auto dismiss the vast majority of false positives while still detecting truly risky behavior
  • Kill chain incidents prioritized based on potential impact, key users and critical assets
  • Self-assemble new threat hunting workflows using building block modules for ingestion, enrichment and analytics on a security playbook visual interface
  • Track threats and their propagation across time and space through a relational-graph view of the network
  • Security Orchestration and Automation – Security automation and orchestration framework ensures consistent and repeatable outcomes
  • Automate any ad hoc threat hunting or threat detection workflow through an easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Integration of third party threat hunting tools to visualize the entire network and generate comprehensive analytics within minutes
  • Automate the incident triage process with artificial intelligence self-learning capabilities encompassing the ever-changing breadth and depth of malware, phishing, ransomeware and DDoS attacks

Guavus Security Intelligence leverages Guavus Reflex platform’s AI to round out your security strategy

Interactive Hunt Analytics

Support for critical cybersecurity use cases includes:

Guavus Security Intelligence

  • Advanced Threat Detection
  • Identification of Emerging Threats
  • Visual Threat Hunting
  • Track Threat Propagation
  • Security Orchestration and Automation
  • Incident Triage and Response
  • Improve Productivity of SOC