Guavus Live Ops

Enabling Next Generation Digital Operations

How do you optimize network performance, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs all at the same time? With advanced network analytics.  Guavus accelerates your customer care operations by providing a comprehensive real-time understanding of what is really happening in your network. By using adaptive analytics to correlate separate data sources such as – call logs, trouble tickets, service calls, and network and equipment change records – Guavus Live Ops can determine in real-time how one event can negatively impact thousands of customers and alert network operations staff.

Guavus Live Ops

Guavus Live Ops is a big data operations analytics module that accelerates your operations by decreasing network and care operations costs and improving both uptime and Net Promoter Score (NPS). Live Ops identifies subtle network issues more quickly and simultaneously reduces the time it takes operators to understand and repair issues. Millions of network, telemetry and customer events per day are ingested and correlated from multiple disparate sources such as customer calls, trouble tickets, network alarms, and radio frequency data. These data streams are normalized and joined together with data-at-rest such as device type, firmware version and network topology, to create an enriched set of events and performance data.

Guavus algorithms analyze the millions of time series based on collected events and contextualizes these events with related attributes in order to automatically establish and maintain computed patterns and baselines. Using advanced machine learning, Live Ops automatically identifies anomalies in the baselines that lead to incidents, routinely uncovering what standard threshold alerting systems fail to detect and dramatically reducing the time needed to understand the root issue of the problem. Closed loop actions can be triggered, improving network uptime and slashing operational costs.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduced technical support calls, trouble tickets and avoidable service dispatches saving customers $ millions per year!
  • Identification of maintenances which induce abnormally high rates of care interactions (failed maintenances)
  • Improved operations agility and empowered DevOps model by quickly identifying unintended side effects of planned changes
  • Improved mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to understand (MTTU)
  • Closed loop actions which lead to shorter repair times (MTTR)
  • Improved customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS) by improving service availability and QoE
  • Real-time visual map showing the health of the network
  • Single pane of glass combines concurrent events from completely separate sources
  • Integration to 3rd party software tools via APIs to automatically create trouble tickets and trigger interactive voice response (IVR) call deflections
  • Unified alerts inbox presents user with unified view of anomaly, alarm and threshold alerts to help prioritize which ones are most important
  • Simultaneously displays trending graphs from disparate datasets, applying filters by time or other chosen grouping methodologies

Guavus Live Ops takes full advantage of the Guavus Reflex platform’s advanced analytics

Support for critical operational use cases includes:

Guavus Live Ops

  • Automated Anomaly Detection
  • Root Issue Analysis
  • Agile Change Management
  • Monitor Asset Health in Real Time
  • Convert Products into Value Added Services

Guavus Live Ops Datasheet