Better Understand Your Customers

Guavus Marketing Reflex analytics application enables operators to gain a greater understanding of subscribers’ interests to strengthen their competitive position against digital providers and find new revenue opportunities to overcome flat ARPU.

Key Benefits

  • Collect, classify, categorize and understand audience interests as well as their key use of applications, devices, networks and content.
  • Increase upsell/cross-sell opportunities through accurate and advanced customer profiling
  • Increase revenue by discovering new customer segments with shared interests
  • Deliver personalized and consistent subscriber engagement that improves customer retention and grows customer advocacy across multichannel touch points
  • Monetize data assets with third parties, turning network data into profitable Data-as-a-Service business model
  • Easily integrate with existing systems through Guavus’ API design, which enables operators to access data through third-party business intelligence tools such as Tableau

Out of the Box Analytics

•  DPI and account/demographic data from CSP
•  Customer interest and usage-based traffic annotation (based on IAB tier 1 & 2)
•  Near Real-Time Customer Profiling based on set of triggers/criteria (20+)
•  Close-loop processing with push notification & web service low-latency API (pre-defined set of methods)
•  Subscriber-Level Slice n Dice Data Exploration via SQL interface

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