Improve the Customer Journey

Guavus Care Reflex analytics application provides customer care agents with unprecedented and granular near real-time insights to determine the precise impactful events affecting the quality of experience at critical points in the customer journey by subscriber. As a result, problems are identified and resolved faster and subscribers receive personalized service that improves customer satisfaction and reduces churn.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce average handle time (AHT), lower mean-time-to-repair (MTTR), increase first call resolution and reduce repeat calls by enabling smarter, more contextual care
  • Quickly discriminate between network vs. device and customer-centric vs. service-wide problems for smarter triaging and reduced no fault found (NFF) equipment returns
  • Reduce inbound call volume and ‘bill shock’ by enabling self-service care that allows customers to better understand their usage behaviour at a fine grained level in a way that existing billing and BSS systems can not provide given the growing rate of data usage and complexity of networks.
  • Easily integrate with existing Customer Support platforms to provide enriched analytics capabilities for maximum flexibility and extensibility

Out of the Box Analytics

•  DPI, CDR and Mobility (Cell) data collection/fusion
•  Subscriber-level QoS KPIs computation
•  Device-level QoS KPIs computation
•  Cell-level QoS KPIs computation
•  Subscriber-level data consumption profile
•  Web Service low-latency API (pre-defined set of methods)

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