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NWDAF Is Growing in Importance for the Telecoms Industry – published by ABI Research

Guavus Ops-IQ Mobile Voice Analytics Shortlisted for the “Data Enabling Solution of the Year” Award by DataIQ

Really Real: Real-Time Analytics Happening Now! Intelligence on Oceans of Data – DM Radio Podcast

Guavus Wins the 5G MENA Award for “Best Network Automation Technology”

Evaluating Network Data Analytics Function for 5G Networks – published in ABI Research’s Blog

Guavus 5G-IQ NWDAF Featured as a Leader in ABI Research’s Report on 5G Network Analytics & NWDAF

Guavus 5G-IQ NWDAF Featured in Appledore Research Note on NWDAF

Guavus 5G-IQ NWDAF Featured in Transforma Insights’ Report on NWDAF

How 5G Partnerships Are Helping Define The Next Wave Of Big Data – published in Forbes

Guavus Shortlisted for the AIOps Award – The Best Operations Solution Incorporating AI Functionality by FutureNet World

How NWDAF Can Unlock the Value of 5G – Video Interview with Guavus CEO Alex Shevchenko by TelecomTV

Guavus at MWC Barcelona 2022: AI-Driven Analytics Crucial for 5G Networks – published in the Fast Mode

Guavus Unveils New AI-driven Mobile Voice Analytics Offering – published in TelecomDrive

Guavus Unveils New Mobile Voice Analytics Product for 4G, WiFi and 5G – published in the Fast Mode

New Guavus AI-driven Mobile Voice Analytics Product Helps MNOs Meet Customers’ 5G Great Expectations – published in AIxOutlook

Guavus Featured in the Top Edge Companies to Watch in 2022 by STL Partners