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As mobility becomes increasingly central to both business and personal lives, industries are being turned on their heads. Service Providers networks are the backbone of this innovation with data serving as the bedrock of new products and services. By delivering unique insights that help businesses spot valuable trends and create these new third party data services, Service Providers are evolving into much more dynamic value creators, enabling entirely new revenue opportunities for themselves and shaping business transformation across a range of industries.

Unlocking Insights, Making Meaningful
Connections, Accelerating Time to Value

Guavus Analytics Labs

Bringing together the best minds in data science with business analysts, Guavus works with customers to deliver actionable insights rapidly. Using the latest machine learning algorithms and technologies, our highly experienced labs team collaborates with your strategists, ecosystem partners and data architects to deliver complex analytics models in weeks not months, identify new business opportunities to extract value from your big data and augment your own analytics team for accelerated roadmap planning.

Guavus Analytics Labs supports an end-to-end journey enablement for maximum value, providing business-oriented analysis from implementation to on-going customer support and transference of knowledge.


CSPs: The Heart of the Big Data Explosion

CSPs are uniquely positioned to leverage the massive petabytes and disparate sources of network, machine, subscriber and sensor generated data to improve their core services, dynamically optimize their networks, and create better operating efficiencies, all while delivering a higher quality subscriber experience.

Improve Network Planning

Use predictive analytics to quickly detect network problems such as bandwidth issues, traffic congestion, new device introduction & service outages before they impact subscribers

Increase Operating Efficiencies

Leverage analytics to more effectively manage IT infrastructure, network capacity resources and enabling technologies, such as SDN & NFV, to deliver a better customer experience

Grow Revenue & Increase Sales

Implement marketing analytics to identify sales prospects for revenue uplift, cross sell & upsell opportunities, create personalized services and deliver targeted advertising campaigns

Improve Network Planning

The Shift to 4G LTE & Beyond

Gone are the days when operators simply needed to provide a reliable text and voice service. Now, data is king. CSPs are under immense pressure to upgrade their networks to meet subscribers’ insatiable appetite for data. According to Cisco’s Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, over two thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2017. To meet this growing demand, CSPs are investing billions of dollars in network upgrades and 4G LTE networks are becoming the norm. Yet, these investments are coming at a time where average revenue per user (ARPU) is on the decline and service quality expectations are on the rise.

Managing Network Expansion in the Face of Declining ARPU

Guavus Network Planning Analytics applications help CSPs make better decisions into where to invest for network expansion. By fusing and correlating a wide variety of network and subscriber data, ranging from DPI, RAN, IP, CDN, HTTP and more, CSPs get a real time view of what’s happening in their network, as it happens.

  • Quickly detect issues such as bandwidth constraints & service outages
  • Understand how new devices launched into the market will affect the network
  • More efficiently plan CAPEX for 4G cells, small cells and WiFi
  • Predict future traffic growth based on historical data and identify where new capacity is needed

Increase Operating Efficiencies

Eliminating Data Silos

Today’s CSP networks are operated in a series of silos including: Operational System Data, Network Data, Usage & Billing Data, Social Media and 3rd party service such as location and public sector data. As network device elements increase, and the volume and variety of data grows exponentially, it’s critical that CSPs implement a next generation OSS solution that provides Service Assurance while delivering a better customer experience.

End-to-End Network Visibility with Fine Grained Policy Control

Guavus’ Operation & Service Assurance Analytics applications enable CSPs to more effectively manage IT infrastructure, network capacity resources and enabling technologies such as SDN & NFV, to deliver a better QoS and customer experience. By correlating and fusing network data with operational data, CSPs now have an end-to-end view of what is happening on their network and be able to pinpoint problems at a granular network element level. For example, by drilling down to a specific software upgrade, or cell tower, CSPs can detect anomalies in network traffic patterns, helping to quickly get to the root cause of these problems.

Reduce Costs, While Improving Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction

  • Reduce cost of service delivery while improving quality and minimizing risk
  • Rationalize and integrate IT management tools across silos
  • Proactively monitor network performance
  • Root-cause analysis & anomaly detection
  • Bolster Network Security & Mitigate Threats for DDoS/DoS attacks

Grow Revenue & Increase Sales

Generate New Revenue & Increase Sales

For CSPs, Big Data can unlock completely new revenue streams and opportunities by enabling this new transactional relationship between businesses and their customers. The operational intelligence provided by Big Data analytics solutions can help CSPs to better understand consumer preferences and behaviors, helping them to create a new set of personalized and targeted services that are more closely aligned with customer needs.

Contextually-based Insights for the Right Action @ the Right Time

Guavus Marketing Analytics applications enable CSPs to glean contextually aware insights into subscriber behavior & preferences

  • Improve efficiency of marketing campaigns and reduce cost of selling with advanced segmentation and targeting based on subscriber usage
  • Increase mobile data ARPU by upselling data rate plans through usage range analysis, promoting devices, and cross-selling products and services to targeted audience
  • Improve customer retention and loyalty with increased effectiveness of the “Next Best Offer” and better alignment of user needs and operator value proposition.
  • Improve actual churn models by deriving key variables for optimizing model prediction, and pro-actively addressing potential churn situations.
  • Identify new data-driven monetization opportunities for 3rd party services & products

Helping Cable & Media Companies See the Big Picture

In a hyper-competitive environment where cord cutting is becoming more prevalent, having a granular, 360 degree view of service delivery and customer experience is critical. With big data analytics, Cable & Media companies can improve the customer experience through proactive customer care, optimized network operations and better targeted marketing campaigns. With better customer insights, MSOs can target subscribers with relevant content packages, proactively identify subscribers who are more likely to churn, and develop more effective network planning strategies. Cable companies can also harness big data to understand customer preferences and negotiate better content licensing deals.

Enable Usage-Based Billing with IPDR Collection & Mediation

Enhance DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 management with IPDR data to better understand the relationship between network, subscribers, services & overall business objectives; deliver an improved subscriber experience with new services like usage-based billing

Achieve Operational Excellence

Proactively detect customer impacting network issues and deliver a better subscriber experience with anomaly detection & root cause analysis; examine specific metrics that are known to indicate subscriber churn or low NPS score

Generate New Revenue Streams

Identify subscriber segments to upsell & cross sell value-added services like premium packages, home automation, & online storage; conduct audience measurement for targeted advertising & programmatic buying

Enable Usage-Based Billing with IPDR Collection & Mediation

Enhanced Insights for Better Data Driven Decision Making

The Guauvs Pipeline application enables Cable operators to collect, mediate and analyze IPDR data to better understand per modem bandwidth consumption and network activity. By fusing IPDR data with other key data sources such as NetFlow, DNS logs, and more, Guavus extracts real, purposeful value from data quickly and provides a total system view across network systems. By incorporating key CMTS health metrics into the IPDR streaming protocol, operators can improve timeliness of insights while reducing the load on the CMTS.

  • Accurately measure per modem bandwidth consumption on a per service flow basis for zero-rated and usage-based billing
  • Mediate IPDR across multiple vendors including Cisco, Arris, Casa, Gainspeed and others, for common metrics and reporting
  • Remediate network congestion on a real-time basis and view bandwidth consumption for improved network planning
  • Reduce load on CMTS by replacing SNMP polling actions with IPDR Streaming Protocol
  • Identify subscriber segments to upsell and cross sell value-added services like premium packages, home automation, online storage, and advanced support
  • Categorize usage analytics by subscriber segment, pricing tier, topology and others, so product engineers can construct new high-value service offerings

Achieve Operational Excellence

Improve Customer Experience While Reducing Customer Care Costs

Focusing on the customer experience has become increasingly critical as Cable operators are faced with competitive threats from OTT players as the market matures. One way to increase NPS scores and reduce churn is to improve the quality of service and network performance, but to do this, Cable operators need to have a better understanding of network events and how they affect customers on an individual level.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Guavus Service Assurance analytic applications enable Cable providers to reduce the impact of network events on customers, and drives down the cost of care with fewer calls, trouble tickets and unnecessary costly truck rolls. By looking at network and software attributes, a Cable provider can identify anomalies that are associated with a specific network or care event and quickly get to the root cause of the issue. For example, instead of waiting for the cable technician to show up between a block of 1:00 – 6:00, service providers can rapidly understand if a recent firmware update is the root cause of an issue, and if so, remedy this from the central office instead of a tech visit to the home.

  • Reduce MTTU/R customer-impacting events
  • Predict or provide early-warning systems for customer-impacting events
  • Identify anomalous network events, care trends and triage potential problems with rapid root cause analysis
  • Understand the impact of new product rollouts, major upgrades on service expansion
  • Improve visibility into customer, network and product health
  • Enhance business modeling by understanding market performance region to region

Generate New Revenue Streams

Implement marketing analytics to identify subscriber segments to upsell and cross sell value-added services such as premium packages, home automation, online storage, and advanced support. Enrich recommendation engines for more targeted suggestions, and conduct audience measurement for targeted advertising and programmatic buying.

  • Identify the most popular linear, video on demand and DVR content to prioritize content rights negotiations and carriage fees
  • Create consistent experiences across multiple platforms, including set top boxes, mobile devices and the web
  • Leverage IPDR data to understand where subscribers need higher data speeds and create targeted upsell campaigns
  • Measure the engagement of usage on individual platforms and adjust advertising campaigns by platform accordingly.

An Analytics Framework Designed for the Internet of Things

As sensors and M2M connections become more ubiquitous and prolific in devices, from everything from wearables to connected cars to farming equipment and shipping containers, the Internet of Things has the potential to create unprecedented economic value. The Industrial Internet of Things market opportunity alone is expected to generate more than $300 billion in the next 5 years. *

The Guavus Reflex operational intelligence platform is a common analytics framework that ingests and correlates a wide variety of data, regardless of source or type, across complex data ecosystem. Guavus then enriches that IOT data with analytics to provide a fine-grained view into business operations and processes.


Know where each and everyone of your critical assets are in real-time; end-to-end visibility into asset tracking, transport cost management and operations performance


Perform predictive maintenance on fixed and mobile equipment by applying high-performance machine learning algorithms to detect subtle trends that indicate impending failures.

Oil & Gas

Optimize drilling procedures by collecting sensor data from drill bits, chassis, and drive systems; identify key attributes of optimal machine operation to reduce wear and tear, maximize asset life, & increase drill performance


Improve miner safety by collecting and analyzing tag data on machines, people, & small assets enabling mine operator’s to ensure site safety, reduce asset loss, and stay in compliance with contracts and regulators

Smart Cities

Shape the cities of tomorrow by using advanced algorithms to maximize the effectiveness of smart devices, ensuring they are always connected to the network and providing real-time insights to the city, utility provider, customer, & network provider

Smart Metering

Collect data from Smart Meters, Transmission Systems, and infrastructure sensors to predict consumption, identify water leaks, quickly perform root cause analysis and prioritize fix actions by interfacing with dispatch systems.

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