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Meet Nicolas: Director of Product Management

About Nicolas

Nicolas Carré is the Director of Product Management leading the Marketing Analytics team at Guavus. Nicolas spent over 12 years in the telecommunications industry, working with CSPs to define, measure and understand customer behavior. Customer-behavior-related marketing challenges are Nicolas’ primary source of continuous learning toward designing the next Customer Analytics products. Prior to Guavus, Nicolas gained valuable experience as a Data Architect and was involved in building several startups from the ground up – including Neuralitic Inc., a Mobile Subscriber Analytics business acquired by Guavus in 2012.


Product Team


I'm proud to be addressing the complexity of Customer Analytics in the Telco environment.


Montreal's Office

Q & A

Tell us a bit about your role here.

I’ve been working at Guavus and in the analytics space for quite a while.I was part of the Neuralitic acquisition by Guavus back in 2012.

In the beginning I was driven by technology; I then became progressively interested in understanding the customer-and-market reality: this is where the real value is. And so, over the years, I organically moved from a data architect role to providing sales support, and from that I switched to product management. I’ve been in the Product team for over 7 years now and I’m proud to be responsible for developing our Customer Analytics portfolio as the Director of Product Management at Guavus.

What attracted you to the world of Analytics and Big Data?

I’ve always been a data driven person! I love working with data and finding the little nuggets-of-truth, the insight, the meaning.

The data challenge has been going on for ever and has taken different shapes based on the end result we expected to get from all this insight. When Analytics became more defined on the market, we started processing the data more seriously: wider questions, deeper details, faster answers. Big Data is a natural progression of that trend, because the more data you have, the more chances you have to generate some interesting output that can have a real impact on the business.

Who do you work with on a day-to-day basis?

I’m always mediating cross-departmental team interactions.

I’m constantly dealing with the product managers to make sure we share knowledge, and I’m tightly connected to the engineering team because I rely on their input to define and plan roadmap priorities.

When it comes to strategic considerations, I’m in close collaboration with the sales people- they often provide me with the chance to meet customers and attend industry events—staying in touch is the best way to stay connected with the market reality.

Last but not the least, I’m always sticking around finance, marketing and legal.

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud to be addressing the complexity of Customer Analytics in the Telco environment and to work for a pioneer in the area.

The Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are still very focused on network performance; the early adopters are just now starting to explore the value of understanding their subscribers’ behaviors, adopting a customer-centric culture. It’s a real opportunity for me to be able to work with these organisations and help them pave their way towards new (business) practices.

Give us one reason you enjoy working at Guavus.

The main reason I love working here and have stayed all these years are the people.

We have three main offices across the globe— one in California, one in Montreal and one in India—so Guavus is a diverse environment, and that I really like. It’s fantastic to see that all these people from so many different backgrounds come together and work on things in different ways, with different tools and completely different mentalities. You need this culture mix if you want to achieve great goals.

A few words to describe Guavus?

Vision and curiosity. There is a strong vision at Guavus and I think as long as the vision is clear, we will succeed; and curiosity because it’s inseparable from building a great vision and making it happen.

Weekend hobbies?

Sports is my number one activity whatever the season in Montreal, and I like sharing sporty activities with my family and my kids. I love cooking as well, though I’d like an extra day in my week to enjoy it further. I also have a lot of home improvement projects, which are never-ending.

Unexpected fact:

Once upon a time in Montreal, we were having a team dinner with a client. At some point, I went to the bathroom and locked eyes briefly with a guy. We go about our own business before leaving the bathroom at the same time. I had an impression of ‘déjà vu’, but I’m very bad at recognizing people I don’t deal with on a regular basis. I go back to the table with everybody staring at me in awe: Wow, was that Alec Baldwin?!

So there you have it, I once shared a bathroom with Alec Baldwin.

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