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Meet Samuel: Senior Manager of Customer Success Support

About Samuel

Samuel Joseph is the Senior Manager of Customer Success Support at Guavus. Samuel has spent over 19 years in Software Development, Test Automation, Deployment, Support, DevOps and Project Management, and close to 6 years in Deployment, Support and Testing of Analytics solutions built on Big Data technologies following AGILE and SCRUM methodologies.


Customer Success Team


I’m proud to be part of a company which has earned a big name in the AI/Big Data Analytics industry thanks to its technology & passionate people.


Gurgaon, India

Q & A

Could you please describe your role at Guavus?

As Senior Manager of Customer Success Support, my goal is to ensure our customers have a good experience and positive results using Guavus technology.

In my current role, I’m responsible for the day-to-day management, work delegation, process development, team growth opportunities of our India-based Guavus support engineers and inter-team communication and coordination.

I’m also partnering with other departments to ensure quality deliveries to our customers.

How does your role benefit customers?

Our department is extensively engaged with customers, not only for deployments and upgrades, but also in understanding what they need, their concerns, and their requests for new features. We closely collaborate with the Engineering team to deliver upon those requests, but we remain the main point of contact of customers.

What is the most fulfilling part of your job?

My team and the people around me! I love going to the office and feeling the very positive energy there.

We have a competition with five or six colleagues on who will arrive at the office first in the morning :)!

What have you learned over the years?

Over the past seven years at Guavus, I learned to gain confidence in myself. I’ve also learned to stay focused and aligned with the company’s goals. I’m proud to be part of a company which has earned a big name in the AI/Big Data Analytics industry thanks to its technology & passionate people. I believe my enthusiasm is reflected on the way I deal with our customers everyday.

What are you most looking forward to in the next six months?

The Guavus Reflex Analytics platform (RAF)! Not just the technology, but the different kinds of integrations and use cases you can achieve with it, as well as the ongoing collaboration with the different Guavus teams to develop it.

RAF does everything automatically. You just need to define your goals, and then you end up with a performing analytical application answering all the use cases you need, and all of this in real time.

3 words to describe Guavus

Teamwork, Passion and Technology.

How is the new office in Gurgaon and how is the atmosphere?

The new office in Gurgaon is awesome, very spacious, colorful and bright. We all have our own space. Once you step in the office, it gives you a high kick of energy.

Congrats to the Admin, IT and HR teams for the move!

How do you spend your time outside of Guavus?

I spend my time with my daughters. We love telling stories to each other and play basketball, squash or tennis.

I also love cooking. I’m a kind of a fusion chef mixing foreign recipes with the Indian cooking style.

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