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Meet Sameena: Product Owner

About Sameena

Sameena Hashmi is the Product Owner for the Marketing Insights and Mobility IQ teams at Guavus. Of her 9 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, 7 were spent in Guavus, striving to develop, advance, and promote quality-assurance software which meets industry needs. Prior to her position at Guavus she worked as a UAT (User Acceptance Testing) engineer, building a considerable experience across varied aspects of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).

Product Team


I’m constantly looking for new ways to not only meet the needs of the customer but add more value to their experience.


Gurgaon, India

Q & A

Please describe your role at Guavus.

I’m currently working as the Product Owner for the Marketing Insight and Mobility IQ squads. The role is very exciting—I learn something new every day. My daily activities involve working closely with product manager, development team and product stakeholders. This helps me prioritize my product backlog accordingly, and thus take better actions.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently working on the next gen version of Marketing Insight, alongside the product management team and the engineering team. This is very gripping and engaging—you are required to go into the nitty-gritty of the things. I’m constantly looking for new ways to not only meet the needs of the customer but add forever more value to their experience.

Being new to this role, I recently had to get a certification for product management. To keep up with Agile transformation, I attended Product Owner trainings course and planning to attend the certification exam soon.

How has Guavus helped you grow and succeed?

Ever since my childhood I’ve been a big fan of data—and fascinated by all it entails. Data is the driving factor for almost everything in today’s world, and  this made me join Guavus with an immense passion.

I joined as a Scrum Quality Assurance Analyst (QA); I loved it and so I excelled. I then moved to Program Management, where I learned a lot of things, leadership perspective being the most different one. I soon started working with one of our channel partners for delivering Content Analytics releases. Then the Agile transformation came about last year, and with it I got the opportunity to work as a Product Owner; now I’m carving out and defining this new role for myself.

It’s a forever uphill battle, but that’s how we grow here at Guavus and it’s fantastic that we all have great support from our colleagues every time we switch gears.

What have you learned over the years?

Looking back from where I started, it’s very apparent that I’ve accumulated a whole lot of experience here. It’s been an incredible growing curve for me. I’ve learned that the easiest way to do your job is to be true to it. I’ve learned to communicate with all people from all levels: some I want to learn from, and some others want to learn from me. I’ve learned to be determined towards my goals and how to achieve them with honesty and proficiency.

What are you most proud of?

My journey at Guavus has been full of fun and learnings. Of all the times I had to prove myself, I’m most proud of projects for which I had to adapt to changes and put myself out of my comfort zone. But envisioning projects and executing them to completion, flawlessly, time and again, is something I still find pleasure and take pride in, no matter how straightforward. A job well done is a job well done.

3 words to describe Guavus:

People, Innovation & Openness.

How is the new office in Gurgaon and how is the atmosphere?

Guavus has become my second home since I joined 7 years ago. Moving your house is always exciting because you end up being in better space. The new Gurgaon office is vivacious. Well-planned meeting rooms, open scrum areas, monochromatic seating, vibrant floor covering pantry— it’s a stunning infrastructure! Also, we now have access to extended medical care, additional screens for our workstations…

The events at the office are also full of vim and vigor. All I can say is that I live 27km away, and still look forward to coming to the office every day! I guess that says a lot about the atmosphere at Guavus. Last but not the least it’s the people who make it feel like home 😊!

Unexpected Fact:

In 2018 I visited Malaysia with a friend and realized that I love traveling and exploring new places. Then I got a chance to go to Canada for work and I extended my stay to do a solo trip to Toronto, which filled me with unusual experiences—it, unexpectedly, affected my life. I planned my itinerary, searched for places to visit and met new people along the way- all on my own.

Since then, traveling solo and exploring new places has broken the monotony of course for me.

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