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Meet Jolly: Director of Engineering

About Jolly

Paramjit Jolly is the Director of Engineering leading all products UI/UX developments at Guavus. Jolly has spent over a decade in Big data analytics product development for the Telecom industry focusing on solving complex customer problems. Prior to Guavus, Jolly has worked 9 years across different domains like Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, E-learning, etc. & across different countries.

Engineering Team


The design of our applications must be adaptive, extendable & agile to meet the ever-evolving customer needs.


Gurgaon's Office, India

Q & A

Tell us a bit about your role at Guavus.

I’m currently working as Director of Engineering, but I joined Guavus about 10.5 years ago. I started as Technical Lead in the User Interface team alongside two other folks, then became Manager (of) Engineering for 12 people; later still I accepted the expanded role of Senior Manager (of) Engineering and began handling the process for even bigger teams. Recently I was promoted to my current role of Director of Engineering.

All my positions were key roles in designing and developing most of the Guavus products from a UI/UX perspective; but my never changing focus is on turning technical problems into insightful applications through quick developments that help our customers make key decisions and save millions of dollars.

Last, but not least, I’ve created a strong and bonded team which is the longest-standing team at Guavus India. Our mantra: work hard, party hard & people first.

On a day-to-day basis, who do you work with and what does a regular day look like?

I work with a wide variety of teams and stakeholders, from Engineering to Product management, Data science, Platform development, Application development, and so on.

Most of the time I lead discussions on the future of our products, ways to solve current customer problems, and our overall strategy to improve our efficiency and the quality of our work. What we deliver to our customers should be of top-notch quality, always, without sacrificing consistency.

I’m also working closely with HR, Recruitment and the Leadership team to make sure Guavus remains THE place to work.

What do enjoy the most about the big data industry?

Every time we work on different and complex customer use cases with variety and volume of data, we are exposed to learning and using new technologies. That is golden.

Guavus has been working in the big data space since it all started. We’ve seen the evolution of the industry and how the data, the technologies, the platforms and the users have changed over the years.

My takeaway is that the design of our applications must be adaptive, extendable & agile to meet the ever-evolving customer needs.

How does Guavus contribute to the digital transformation of our society?

Guavus uses its power of AI analytics combined with talented people and the latest technologies to help our customers take the right decisions based on data insights we provide for them. We help them all make better predictions and save millions of dollars.

Guavus is moving toward closed-loop decisioning, thanks to the machine learning approach we’ve put in place- that means faster service for the end user, more complex servicing levels, and a more integrated and responsive communications industry.

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud to be working with such great people and having created a very productive and cohesive team. I’ve also learnt new technologies thanks to my exposure to design and development of platforms and customer applications.

Finally, I’m very satisfied to have learnt great managerial and leadership skills over the last couple of years at Guavus.

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful IT leader and manager?

  1. being able to build trust and collaboration within your team,
  2. make them grow with both assisted training and the leadership of their own projects,
  3. and finally be a consistent decision maker.

What are your long-term goals at Guavus?

I’d like to master a great blend of technical and people leadership skills so that I can handle any team size and solve any given problem on any given timeline.

Bringing passion and a positive attitude in everyone is my number 1 goal.

3 words to describe Guavus

Learn, un-learn & re-learn.

Guavus believes in quick learning but also un-learning things that are obsolete. Re-learning is also vital. This kind of flexibility is, I think, the key to becoming a leader in the big data industry.

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