The Network Analytics module addresses the challenge of understanding changes in digital service consumption and subscriber behavior through advanced analytics’ trend deviation techniques.

Designed for Network Operations teams, Service-IQ Network Analytics delivers a clear view on the impact of subscriber network interactions in order to right size and shape network resources.

Easily Visualize Traffic Trends

Service-IQ Network Analytics is designed to help focus on network changes as it continuously measures digital service usage deviations.


Focus on Traffic Peaks

Traffic peaks can show up in new locations. Peaks can grow and plateau. Service-IQ Network Analytics is designed to provide a descriptive view of network topology measuring the growth of traffic peaks over time.

Leverage the richness of the Network Analytics data model to break down a selected peak and understand what data services are causing the peak in the context of a specific network location, access point name (APN) and radio access type.

Identify Subscriber’s Unique Needs

Service-IQ Network Analytics collects and processes high-volume network events to classify each subscriber’s network interaction, whereby each network event indicates subscriber interests and intentions.

Achieve Root Cause Analysis with Ease

Leveraging its subscriber-level streaming schema, Service-IQ Network Analytics correlates usage trends by data services with network topology and incorporates population density variations calculated by network location, to perform root cause analysis.

This allows for a comprehensive understanding of the root cause for a given trend, and whether a specific change is caused by the introduction of new services, new subscribers in the selected area, or a mix of both.

Distribute the Valuable Information

Beyond its web-based user interface, stream essential information into a data lake or web portal via purpose-built APIs by leveraging the Service-IQ Network Analytics data distribution framework.

Most Popular Service-IQ Use Cases

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