Service-IQ Marketing Analytics addresses the need to understand each individual subscriber’s behavior by looking at their digital interactions with the network.

Designed for Marketing Operations & Product teams, Service-IQ Marketing Analytics delivers customer-centric insights to support CSPs competitive threat prevention and conversion strategies, leading to new revenue-generating services and improving the execution of personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.

Gain Subscriber-Level Intelligence

Service-IQ Marketing Analytics has a unique lens on subscriber-level web browsing habits and mobile application use, as it understands and categorizes each individual subscriber’s network interaction (usage habits, trends and service churn) and data service activity.

Analyze Subscriber Segments by Multiple Factors

Service-IQ Marketing Analytics analyzes subscriber behavioral data and supports building subscriber segments based on common subscriber attributes, interests and behaviors. Users are distributed by usage ranges to quickly identify the most impactful population.

Get Actionable Insights

Service-IQ Marketing Analytics performs analysis on a rich set of dimensions to deliver a continuously and real-time, detailed, accurate, contextual and non-cookie driven behavioral segmentation of subscribers, to ensure that audiences of population can be measured in any given network, device and service usage context.

Manage Subscriber Segments Flexibly

Use the interactive segmentation model for flexibly creating and managing subscriber segments during the analysis.

Enjoy rich segmentation features to share (import and export) segments with other systems. There is no need for developer skills to use Service-IQ Marketing Analytics.

Share Across Teams, In Real Time

Service-IQ Marketing Analytics is designed for sharing the subscriber behavioral insights in real time across CSP teams and systems.

Integrate It with Your Marketing Stack

The data distribution interface is designed to support integration with campaign management systems, business intelligence teams and sandbox environments, among others.

Most Popular Service-IQ Use Cases

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