With the explosion of devices and data usage, now more than ever Communications Service Providers (CSPs) require visibility into the digital demographics of their networks. Executing on customer-centric business and operations strategies is paramount, as well as preparing for 5G rollout by considering 5G-capable device adoption and distribution.

Service-IQ Device Management Analytics (DMA) enables multiple CSP stakeholders with real-time insights to understand the capabilities and behaviors of the devices connected to the network.

Service-IQ DMA Personas
  • Network planning teams can make data-driven decisions about network rollout strategies based on connected device radio capabilities to plan current investments and future upgrades to the network infrastructure.
  • Product and marketing teams can leverage customer segmentation insights to position the best offers toward targeted audiences based on data showing the most adopted device capabilities.
  • Network operations teams can quickly identify suspicious behavior patterns and inform the security and fraud management teams.
Service-ID DMA Mobile Device Insights

Instant Mobile Device Insights

Service-IQ DMA provides visibility into device demographics with instant insights that illustrate:

  • device usage trends and comparative analysis,
  • device adoption, churn and loyalty to multiple device characteristics including the manufacturer, model, operating system (OS), etc.
  • customer segmentation,
  • issues related to device compatibility with the network,
  • device distribution by 30+ characteristics,
  • mobile number portability analysis, etc.
Suspicious pattern identification with Service-IQ DMA

Suspicious Pattern Identification

With Service-IQ DMA, the network operations team can identify and measure suspicious behaviors on the network potentially leading to security or fraud patterns (IMEI & IMSI cloning, SIM porting, etc.). These prohibited behaviors not only negatively impact the operation of the network but can also reduce profitability.

CMS and Fraud Management Systems Integration

Integration & Automation

For network operations, real-time notifications can be integrated with the CSP’s fraud management platforms upon identification of potential fraudulent behavior patterns.

For marketing operations, device adoption analysis can produce customer segmentation that can be loaded into the campaign management system to run targeted campaigns aligned with the right audience.

Service-IQ DMA Data Explorer

Interactive Exploration

Service-IQ DMA insights are available via a series of very clear web dashboards. In addition, the advanced visualization tool provides rich ad-hoc data exploration and analytics functions with access to 30+ device characteristics including the 5G-specific supported bands.

Service-IQ DMA features reports to share

Sharing Insights in your Organization

Service-IQ DMA has a series of features allowing the download of reports and data directly from the portal. Furthermore, reports can be configured to be scheduled and distributed for other individuals or groups.

Thales DMC integration 2

Leading Integrations

Service-IQ DMA provides turnkey integrated analytics to Thales’ Device Management Center (DMC) for SIM-based and device-based services. DMC is a market leading product deployed in 200+ CSPs worldwide or third-party solutions. As an alternative, Service-IQ DMA can collect the input from other Equipment Inventory Register (EIR) systems.

Service-IQ DMA also integrates with standard CDR and EDR sources which include the network location and radio access type information, enabling more analytics capabilities.

This is just the surface. Deep-dive into Service-IQ Device Management Analytics.