Service-IQ addresses the Communications Service Providers (CSPs) network and marketing challenges through end-to-end behavioral analytics, from massive network event data record (EDR) collection to high-value analytics use cases.

Designed for Marketing Operations & Product teams, with broad management support for devices, enterprise IoT services, and network operations, Service-IQ enables CSPs to understand subscriber and device digital behaviors. CSPs can fully capitalize on their own network data assets to grow revenue, increase profitability and support customer experience (CX) initiatives.

Service-IQ consists in two modules

Get Maximum Value from Your Network Data

Operators have access to their network data, but the volume of events is massive and keeps increasing. Service-IQ solves the big data problem and uses proper analytic functions to let operators focus on business cases to monetize the delivered insights.

Use the Same Data in Multiple Use Cases

With Service-IQ‘s multi-module design, ingesting and processing of network EDRs occurs once, serving a diverse group of use cases across different stakeholders in the CSP organization.

Ensure Your Digital Services Remain Competitive

Service-IQ provides actionable insights from continuous, accurate, detailed and contextual customer segmentation based on non-cookie event data.

Service-IQ enables Product Management to analyze competitive services and improves Marketing Operations with audience measurement insights for new OTT services adoption.

Improve Customer Reach

Service-IQ provides Marketing Analytics capabilities for targeted campaigns and personalized customer interaction (e.g. offers, suggestions, help). Comparative breakdown of high-consumption subscribers of certain services, service usage deviation trends and adoption metrics are available to create different segments before distributing the insights to your marketing ecosystem.

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Get Clear Vision On How the Network Is Used

Service-IQ offers Network Analytics capabilities providing insights on subscriber consumption of digital services and how that usage affects the network, so that operators can right size and shape their network assets more effectively.

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Get Easy Access to Powerful Analytics Results

Service-IQ provides insights through intuitive workflows and interactive dashboards. Using a rich set of customer segmentation functions from a collection of data extraction APIs, CSPs have the necessary flexibility to quickly understand the context and take business decisions.