S-IQ Behavior Analysis

Service-IQ addresses Communications Service Provider (CSP) business and operations challenges through end-to-end behavioral analytics, from massive network event collection to high-value analytics use cases.

Service-IQ enables CSPs to understand the connected subscriber and device footprint and their corresponding digital behaviors. CSPs can fully capitalize on their own network data assets to grow revenue, increase profitability and support customer experience (CX) initiatives.

Service-IQ consists of two modules

Get Maximum Value from Your Network Data, Now.

Mobile operators have access to their network data, but the volume of events is massive and keeps increasing. Service-IQ solves the ‘big data’ problem and uses proper analytics functions to provide instant behavioral insights needed for decision making.

Service-IQ Marketing Analytics Dashboard
Adoption trend change

Rich Analytics Capabilities

Service-IQ turns your network data into trends, baseline deviation, comparison and customer distribution analysis supported by a rich set of segmentation functions giving visibility to customer-centric indicators critical for business decision-making.

Marketing Analysis

Easy Access to Powerful Analytics

Service-IQ provides insights through intuitive workflows and interactive dashboards. The data driving the analysis is available on demand or can be scheduled for periodic updates to third-party systems or for sharing with other members of your organization.