Squeeze your 4G Investments, Boost Customer Experience (CX) & Get Ready for New 5G Services

Leverage your operational data to support new services, tackle customer churn and achieve profitability.

Address 4G/5G Network & Service Delivery Complexity

Ops-IQ Service Experience Analytics (SEA) is a CX-first, AI-augmented proactive assurance solution for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) that focuses on maximizing customer value while optimizing their network costs.

Designed for Network, Service & Care Operations teams, Ops-IQ SEA provides real-time indicators of the service experience within active customer micro-segments to proactively address CX-impacting network problems and prevent network-related churn.

Notification in real time

Get Granular, Real-Time Visibility 

Ops-IQ SEA’s granular, real-time visibility and control across the full extent of the network including apps and services running over are key to create a tightly integrated layer of services and node connectivity to ensure quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS).

Service Experience Index and Network Experience index

CX-First Unique Approach 

Ops-IQ SEA’s infuses a CX-first unique approach into CSP operations.

SEA’s “outside-in” approach measures ‘service experience’ within granular customer micro-segments, presented as a real-time Service Experience Index (SEI)​.

In addition, SEA’s “inside-out” approach measures a service’s ‘network experience’ within those same granular customer micro-segments, presented as a real-time Network Experience Index (NEI)​.

Service Experience Index Network Experience index fussed

Proactive Action Before Customer’s Reaction 

Ops-IQ SEA combines these experience indicators’ (SEI & NEI) within these indices through AI-algorithms to enable CSP’s teams to proactively detect service degradations, determine the symptoms and root cause of network problems causing these degradations and finally resolve these network problems before CX is negatively impacted.

Guavus Reflex flexible architecture

Flexible Service-Based Architecture

Scalable AI, purpose-built for Telco, wrapped in a service-based architecture enable CSPs to adapt Ops-IQ SEA seamlessly to dynamic, hybrid, virtualized environments.

The Guavus ReflexTM distributed architecture is the most flexible available today and can be deployed in a distributed or centralized model.

Gain in OPEX Savings

Ops-IQ SEA enables CSPs to achieve improved OPEX reduction through a reduced MTTD (mean-time-to-diagnose) by providing actionable alerts in real-time that display which active customer segments are impacted by ongoing network problems – thus enabling operators to focus on only CX-impacting network problems and prevent network-related churn.

Most Popular CSP Use Cases

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