Despite being one of the leading causes of customer churn, OTT streaming service issues often go unresolved. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have zero visibility into network events from service providers such as Netflix, Zoom, Spotify, etc., that directly impact customer experience.

Regardless of whether or not the OTT streaming service is coming from an external provider, MNOs need to be aware of quality degradations that are affecting customers right now, or that can affect them soon if left unresolved. Ideally, the goal is to fix issues before they even impact the streaming experience of your mobile customers.

Keep Customers First with Actionable Intelligence on OTT Streaming Performance

Bad quality of streaming service

Ops-IQ Over-The-Top (OTT) Analytics provides MNOs with real-time visibility into OTT service delivery experience and detects degradations to accelerate problem resolution and protect mobile customers from experiencing streaming degradation.

This proactive approach to OTT streaming service management is enabled by a combination of ML-based experience scoring algorithms, micro-segmentation features and AI-generated alerts raised to the service management team to prioritize the customer experience.

OTT notification

Detect Anomalous Behavior Early & Automatically

Ops-IQ OTT Analytics uses AI & ML to self-learn from network and OTT streaming service indicators to establish what constitutes normal versus anomalous experience.

It quickly identifies the real-time impact of degradations on the customer experience, making it possible to act immediately. You can accelerate the MTTR (mean-time-to-repair) and mitigate the impact to your customer.

OTT indicators

Accelerate Problem Resolution with Targeted Responses

An aggregated view of network or service quality is insufficient for taking immediate remedial action against OTT service degradation.

Ops-IQ OTT Analytics enables you to zero in on network and service issues at a per household, per subscriber and per device level so that targeted action can be taken to resolve those issues:

  • There is an abrupt drop in streaming video flows
  • The problem is within the third-party provider network
  • The drop is isolated to iOS devices
  • How many customers are potentially impacted, etc.
Service Experience Index and Network Experience index

Multi-Perspective Analytics for Customer Satisfaction

Ops-IQ OTT Analytics blends together an ‘outside-in’ perspective and an ‘inside-out’ perspective, so that you fully understand the end-to-end customer experience.

The Service Experience Score (SEI) indicates the customer experience purely from the OTT service view (outside in), while the Network Experience Score (NEI) represents the quality of your network connectivity (inside out) experienced by the customer.

Map OTT 10

Get Ready for 5G

The spike in streaming utilization gained at the beginning of the pandemic is holding steady. This increase in demand will accelerate the expansion of 5G-enabled services to both end users of video, gaming and UCaaS, as well as enterprises taking advantage of services such as security operations and IoT – all based on streaming technology. Ops-IQ OTT Analytics supports customer-centricity by ensuring you always understand the customer experience as you add more services to your 5G network.

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