Bad quality mobile voice call

Your customers depend on the integrity of your mobile network for streaming digital voice services. No matter how sophisticated their devices are, they will expect flawless call quality.

And with 5G VoNR, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) won’t be able to use legacy voice networks as a fallback, but will still have to meet their customers’ high expectations.

Now is the time to ensure superior mobile voice quality of experience for your customers from their perspective and for all digital voice services: 5G VoNR, 4G VoLTE and VoWiFi.

Keep Customers Happy with Actionable Intelligence on Mobile Voice Experience

Ops-IQ Mobile Voice Analytics (MVA) goes beyond reporting on network anomalies to using AI & ML to measure and monitor customer voice experience – enabling MNOs to deliver a higher quality 5G VoNR, 4G VoLTE, and VoWiFi services experience.

Based on MVA’s business intelligence dashboards, you can prioritize differently with a more proactive and customer-first problem resolution that improves customer quality of experience (QoE) and prevents both predictable and silent churn.

MVA notifications

Save Time & Resources with Automated Anomaly Detection

Ops-IQ MVA uses AI & ML models to calculate a customer voice experience score and indicate a deviation against normal trends from the call level up to the network level.

You can rely on MVA to detect in real time an anomaly or service degradation in your voice services. Save time and costs, bypassing raw data aggregation and complicated heterogenous data reconciliation. MVA is designed to help you be customer-centric when addressing voice experience issues.

MVA indicators

Gain Immediate Access to Actionable Intelligence

Let Ops-IQ MVA surface actionable intelligence so you can focus on investigating anomalies and accelerating the MTTR (mean-time-to-repair), not on collecting and processing data.

MVA’s dynamic dashboards give your service operations teams a quick access to insights and resolution drivers:

  • detailed views of the customer experience across 4G, 5G voice and VoWiFi
  • multi-dimensional network, IMS node, cell, subscriber-level views
  • troubleshooting dashboards, trends and comparative analysis
Map MVA 09

Enable Customer-First Service Operations

Not only does Ops-IQ MVA alert you when it detects a degradation in the voice experience, it also indicates in real time the impact of that degradation on the customer’s experience.

With MVA’s granular data, your service operations teams can prioritize customers differently by considering their customer experience in the decisioning process:

  • What’s the severity of the degradation?
  • How many customers are affected?
  • Are VIP customers affected?
5G Diagram 01

Deliver on 5G Expectations

MNOs offering VoNR on 5G Standalone networks can provide enhanced voice quality and much lower latency.

Leverage Ops-IQ MVA to ensure that your VoNR service experience meets your customers’ expectations of 5G as they connect to your 5G network.

VoLTE, VoWiFi or VoNR: It Has to Work Right.
Every Time.

Ops-IQ MVA applies customer experience analytics for voice services across all networks:

This is just the surface. Deep-dive into Ops-IQ Mobile Voice Analytics