Ops-IQ LiveOps dashboard

Ops-IQ LiveOps addresses network and customer-premises equipment (CPE) performance issues through time series analysis of operational network-based events using event data scoring and anomaly detection.

Designed for Network, Field & Customer Care teams, Ops-IQ LiveOps reduces OPEX, improves net promoter score (NPS) and customer experience (CX).

Get the Full Accurate Picture

Once anomalies are discovered, Ops-IQ LiveOps identifies the magnitude of the anomaly, the impacted subscribers and the potential root cause.

Uncover Hidden Signs of Trouble

Based on its millions of monitored combinations, our anomaly detection finds what human eyes or standard threshold alerting systems would easily miss.

Ops-IQ LiveOps Dashboard

Discover CX-Impact of CPE Firmware Update

Track customer experience for subsets of users. Monitor increases in events and act quickly.

Ops-IQ LiveOps Dashboard

Prioritize CX Issues

Ops-IQ LiveOps automatically identifies impacting issues and creates a triage response system with added context related to the symptoms, a potential root cause and CX-driven prioritization.

Ops-IQ LiveOps Dashboard

Identify CX-Impact of Scheduled Maintenance

Ops-IQ LiveOps provides operations managers with a global perspective of planned and ongoing maintenance and their customer impact through scheduled maintenance tasks.

Connect With All Your Teams

Integrate Ops-IQ LiveOps with third-party platforms via APIs to automatically create trouble tickets to trigger interactive voice response (IVR) call deflections, reducing technical support calls with truck roll reduction saving CSPs millions per year.

Most Popular Ops-IQ LiveOps Use Cases

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