Leverage your operational data to boost customer experience, tackle churn and get ready for new 5G services.

Ops-IQ addresses network and service issues through AI/ML-based operational analytics applied to data from disparate sources to automatically detect and investigate customer-impacting service problems, and help Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) reduce their mean-time-to-repair (MTTR).

Designed for Service Operations & Customer Care teams, Ops-IQ has a positive impact on OPEX reduction while focusing on improving the customer experience and preventing churn related to service dissatisfaction.

Get Real-Time, Granular Visibility into Your Network

With Ops-IQ, MNOs get granular, real-time visibility across the full extent of the network including the applications and services running on it, to ensure the best quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS).

Ops-IQ consists of two service experience analytics applications:

Service Experience Index Network Experience index fussed

Proactive Action Before Customer’s Reaction 

Ops-IQ uses Machine Learning (ML) to calculate a series of service experience scores and identify when the deviation of each score represents an anomaly that needs attention. The  anomaly investigation quickly highlights key drivers that lead to the service experience degradation.

With real-time access to these insights, the operations team can prioritize issues based on their impact on customer experience. Network operators can fix problems before too many customers are impacted because Ops-IQ also indicates the potential impact to other connected customers.

Notification in real time

Gain in OPEX Savings

Ops-IQ enables operations teams to reduce their MTTD (mean-time-to-diagnose) and MTTR (mean-time-to-repair) on detected service degradations, which has a positive impact on OPEX.

Unlike other solutions that provide aggregated data that requires time and effort to interpret, Ops-IQ delivers actionable insights in real-time enabling operators to prioritize CX-impacting network problems and prevent churn.

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Meet Your Customers’ Great 5G Expectations

People expect a lot from 5G. Higher speeds, more bandwidth, lower latency and an explosion of IoT and Edge applications. One thing people won’t expect is that while all of these services are supposed to improve their quality of life, they actually continue to experience voice and streaming degradations.

Leverage Ops-IQ to secure your 5G service quality and ensure that your customers’ experience doesn’t degrade while you’re adding more 5G customers to your network.