Ops-IQ addresses Communications Service Providers (CSPs) network and service issues through real-time ML-based operational analytics, topology-independent root issue analysis, fault correlation, fix recommendation, incident prediction and automatic trouble ticket generation.

Designed for Network, Service, Field & Customer Care teams, Ops-IQ achieves the self-healing network paradigm, preventing customer-impacting service degradations and outages, lowering OPEX and optimizing overall customer experience (CX).


Ops-IQ consists of three modules

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Use the Same Data in Multiple Use Cases

Guavus-IQ allows for versatile data ingestion & reuse and standardized data domains for a wide spectrum of use cases across both Ops-IQ Service-IQ.


Stop Relying on Static Rules

Correlation rules based on a static network topology are impossible to maintain in a complex, multi-domain, multi-perspective and multi-vendor service delivery infrastructure. Ops-IQ is rules and topology independent.


Define Service & Customer Experience Impact

Ops-IQ provides predictive analytics and prescriptive actions that focus on prioritizing network problems based on their impact on key services, specific customers or targeted locations.


Simplify 4G/5G Service Delivery

Siloed legacy Operations/Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) and complex, time-consuming operator workflows are significant obstacles to achieve operational excellence.

Simplify 4G/5G Service Delivery

Automate Through Machine Learning (ML)

Augment the ability of CSP Teams to respond proactively to customer-impacting incidents and events, leaving only the most relevant data for analysis, and thus reduce response times, automate diagnoses, recommend fixes and prevent future incidents.

Improve Reactive & Proactive Problem Response

Ops-IQ helps operators pinpoint issues with network performance, infrastructure and health, increasing speed response time, automate diagnosis, recommend fixes, and prevent future incidents.


Settle the Strategy for Operational Efficiency

Empowering service operations teams with real-time insights and critical operational metrics for assuring quality-of-experience (QoE) and CX for new mobile apps, video content, digital services, 5G, Edge Cloud & IoT services.


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