5G IQ tackles massive data consupmtion

5G networks promise to be faster than 4G, more reliable, massively scalable and will enable mobile network operators (MNOs) to develop a broad range of new applications and services for consumers and businesses.

Everything will increase in number: connected devices, 5G cell sites, radio elements and antennae, bandwidth, cloud-native infrastructure and more.

To meet this demand, machine intelligence must foster self-monitoring, self-diagnosing and self-driving infrastructures.

Simplify 5G Network Operations at Scale with Machine Intelligence

5G scale and complexity demand that MNOs leverage machine intelligence that takes human operators out of the loop for time-critical decisions and actions, driving closed-loop automation for network operations and service orchestration.

The Network Data Analytics Function, or NWDAF, is the 3GPP standard analytics function that provides machine intelligence in the 5G Core.

NWDAF is a MUST for 5G Automation

With NWDAF, MNOs can:

  • Generate the machine intelligence critical for service orchestration and network automation,
  • Deploy multi-vendor networks with confidence, leveraging the unique capabilities of best-of-breed products,
  • Augment the ability of their operations staff serving as planners rather than front-line workers.

Guavus 5G-IQ NWDAF for Open, Multi-Vendor Interoperability

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Guavus 5G-IQ NWDAF is a 3GPP-standard data analytics function that generates real-time operational intelligence in the 5G Core to drive closed-loop network automation and service orchestration.

You can depend on Guavus for a single, full-featured NWDAF product that meets all 5G Core network data analytics requirements to address multiple use cases.

5G-IQ NWDAF is available for trials at MNOs. Contact us today »

5G-IQ NWDAF Featured as a Leader in the New ABI Research Report

“The Guavus 5G-IQ NWDAF solution takes a standardized, vendor-neutral approach to NWDAF, so operators aren’t locked into a single vendor but can take a best-of-breed approach — and it takes advantage of Guavus’ strong telecom AI and edge-to-core-to-cloud streaming analytics technologies and expertise. With these capabilities, operators can gain the greater cost efficiency and analytics insights across their operations and subscribers and deliver a superior 5G customer experience.”

Don Alusha, Senior Analyst, ABI Research

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use cases

Full Featured Support for a Wide Range of Use Cases

5G-IQ NWDAF can be deployed as a single, common network data collection and analytics engine that will support a wide range of use cases, including monitoring network conditions, device behavior and service experience.

MNOs do not need to integrate and manage NWDAF products from multiple suppliers, resulting in greater complexity, higher cost and possibly supplier-specific solutions that lead to vendor lock-in and siloed operations.

Modular Architecture for Flexible Deployment

5G-IQ NWDAF enables data collection, aggregation and scoring closer to the source. This reduces latency, transmitted data volume and cost.

It can be deployed flexibly in either a cloud-native micro services environment or deployed as a cloud-based, containerized offering, the first of which is AWS.

Find out more about Guavus 5G-IQ NWDAF on AWS »

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31x Faster NWDAF

Highly Efficient Streaming Analytics at Scale

5G-IQ NWDAF improves streaming analytics performance up to 31x compared to the typical open-source solutions employed by most suppliers.

API to Plug in Third Party Analytics Algorithms on NWDAF

API to Plug in Third-Party Analytics Algorithms

5G-IQ NWDAF supports an API that provides the flexibility to plug in non-Guavus analytics algorithms – yours, or a third-party’s – to process data collected by NWDAF.

Why Guavus 5G-IQ NWDAF?

It offers an open, multi-vendor, full-featured NWDAF that will interoperate with all 3GPP-compliant 5G Core components.

Why Guavus 5G IQ NWDAF

Guavus 5G-IQ NWDAF has won the 2022 5G Mena Award for “Best Network Automation Technology”

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How NWDAF Can Unlock the Value of 5G

Guavus CEO Alex Shevchenko explains the critical role NWDAF will play in unlocking the true value of 5G networks, and talks about the early success Guavus has had with a Tier 1 operator in the US with our unique, cutting edge and already commercially available solution, 5G-IQ NWDAF.

Guavus 5G-IQ NWDAF is available for trials at MNOs