With over a decade of experience, Guavus is uniquely qualified to help Communications Service Providers (CSPs), Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Multiple System Operators (MSOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Fixed Telco and VoIP Service Providers to succeed in their big data AI and analytics journey.

AI-based Analytics & Automation solutions for CSPs

Analytics have become an essential requirement for all CSPs today as they embark on modernizing their networks, especially with the advent of 5G and IoT networks.

CSPs are not normally experts in advanced analytics. In fact, many struggle to understand the value of the data being collected, as well as they are challenged with how to collect it at scale.

Once CSPs embark on their AI & analytics journey, they often don’t have a clear plan on how to design a good return on investment (ROI) strategy.

Guavus-IQ Provides AI-based Analytics Experiences for CSPs

Guavus-IQ delivers highly instrumented analytics, that provide actionable insights in real time. As a result, operators can identify behavioral usage patterns and better understand their network operations.  

AI-based Analytics & Automation solutions for CSPs

Guavus-IQ doesn’t require the user to be a data science expert. We have created a friendly experience for operators across their operations, enabling CSP’s teams to improve customer experience (CX) and reduce operating costs through automated, closed-loop actions.

Guavus-IQ Consists of Two Categories of AI/ML-driven Analytics Solutions

Introducing Ops-IQ Service Experience Analytics

We Deliver AI/ML-driven Analytics & Automation Solutions for CSPs

Unitymedia & Guavus Success Story

Discover how the German service provider has unlocked real cash (an estimated seven-digit euro sum annually) in OPEX savings, and a nearly one point increase in overall net promoter score (NPS), after the deployment of our solutions.

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