Guavus solutions leverage artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) and real-time, accurate, detailed and contextual subscriber segmentation based on non-cookie network event data to provide actionable insights.

By knowing and categorizing subscriber’s network interactions (websites visited, content accessed and applications used), Guavus’ behavioral analytics identifies subscriber’s interests and intentions for a broad range of use cases, including competitive threat conversion, revenue-generating service enablement and targeted campaign enablement.

Most Popular Use Cases

for Product & Marketing Operations

Competitive Intelligence, Behavior & Trends

Do you know what competing/trending mobile services and applications your subscribers are using, so that you can convert them to your or your partners’ services and applications?

With limited market intelligence on subscribers’ behaviors, interests and intentions, CSPs are unaware of competing/trending mobile service and application use e.g. online shopping service or third-party mobile application.


Identify subscribers using known competitors to your or your partners’ mobile services and applications in order to maximize conversion rate from competing mobile services and applications while optimizing the marketing budget.

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Footfall Audience Measurement Service

Are you able to collect, process, efficiently store, and package location-based subscriber behavioral data, so that they can leverage it internally and resell it to partners?

CSPs seek to generate additional revenue by providing business partners with value-added services (subscriber insights) which requires real-time processing of high-volume network data without violating data privacy laws, such as General Data Protection Regulation.

Subscriber behavioral data with precise location information has a high resale value, but CSPs often don’t have access to such location data.


Collect, categorize, efficiently store, and package anonymized subscriber information, such as browsing habits and application usage, with precise location data in order to leverage the subscriber insights across the CSP organization or sell them to business partners, directly or through B2B marketplaces and data broker interfaces.

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Personalized/Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Are you able to target subscribers with personalized campaigns to ensure the highest conversion rate for your or your partners’ products, services, applications, and content?

With limited market intelligence on subscribers’ behaviors, interests and intents, demographic-only untargeted campaigns produce a low ROI and erode customer experience (CX) with perceived spam.


Target subscribers with interest or intention-based personalized messages and offers in an automated fashion through campaign management system (CMS) integration, and thus, maximize click-through rate (CTR), minimize product/service adoption cost, and avoid spamming subscribers.

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