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5G NWDAF use cases

5G, How Do I Manage Thee? Let Me Count the Use Cases

While autonomous networks are the ultimate goal in 5G, until we get there, the intelligence generated by NWDAF is critical for human decision making in semi-automated network operations. Let’s take a look at the NWDAF use cases considered by the 3GPP.

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5G Analytics Standards Who Needs them

5G Analytics Standards: Who Needs ‘Em?

Disaggregated cloud native 5G infrastructure will enable Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to deploy best-of-breed products, but this requires an open NWDAF to ensure multi-vendor network automation.

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Will 5G Complexity Overwhelm MNOs

Will 5G Complexity Overwhelm MNOs?

While 5G networks are inherently complex and difficult to manage at scale, AI/ML will power 5G networks that are self-monitoring and self-driving, enabling zero-touch network automation.

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