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VP Engineering – Applications

Gurgaon, India

Guavus provides the ability and the intelligence to manage Big Data and take decisive actions, in real time, giving a tremendous boost to the digital transformation across all industries. Our production deployment experience in complex, massive networks around the globe coupled with our deep expertise in analytics applications and artificial intelligence development delivers proven solutions to improve customer experience, reduce costs, and achieve the scale and security required by the Internet of Things (IoT).

We are seeking a strong, expansive VP of Application Engineering at our Gurgaon site to help scale and grow our Applications Engineering org. As the VP of Application Engineering and reporting to VP of Global Engineering you will set the strategy, goals, and objectives in order to achieve aggressive Analytics application and micro-applications development. You will also partner with our customers and our co-located platform engineering team and help financial growth objectives. You are a professional who approaches work with a game-changing attitude and a desire to make a true impact on the organization via all things Engineering. You possess a strong understanding of analytics, Big Data with enterprise environment mindset, dedicated to building great customer ready products, and have experience building and operating an enterprise products serving some of the largest global customers.

You’re excited about this opportunity because you will:

  • Lead an Applications Engineering org with a strong foundation of enthusiastic, skilled engineers and managers; direct our Applications Engineering team, and product delivery efforts at our Gurgaon site.
  • Define strategy and direction, and manage the execution customer driven application engineering, engineering practices (Agile and CI/CD processes).
  • Leverage your experience and leadership to transform existing functions to drive consistency and efficiency.
  • Balance a high-quality, high output engineering mindset with the demands of a high scale and incremental driven value.
  • Partner closely with platform engineering team to leverage and mature the applications driven platform. Encourage innovation by contributing to platform internally using Inner source model and external contribution using Open source model.

We’re excited about you because:

  • You have have done this before, delivering enterprise products/applications to large global enterprises.
  • You have made and overcome mistakes, and have turned them into learnings, discipline, and success.
  • You have a minimum of 15+ years of progressive engineering experience with notable enterprise software companies; where you have had success in consistently delivering product and in turn business growth.
  • You have 10+ years of leadership and management experience with the ability to motivate and provide professional development to your team.
  • You have thorough knowledge of engineering principles / practices, Agile process, CI/CD, automated testing, analytics, and Big Data.
  • You are, above all, a leader, teammate, and colleague who is passionate about joining us on this journey.
  • You have a deep appreciation for efficiency and the ability to take a pragmatic approach to product development and reliable delivery.
  • You build and manage teams that are accountable, reliable, and performance-oriented.
  • You’re creative with resources and a strategic thinker.
  • You are adept at balancing short-term product priorities with product vision and objectives.
  • You understand and internalize product and company growth drivers.
  • You have a variety of experiences and have a sense of what works best / worst and why.

You are an experienced leader, adept at hiring, growing, and managing a team:

  • You know how to hire and recruit high-caliber engineers and managers.
  • You are known for exceptional team leadership and empowering the development of your people.
  • You have a realistic picture of your team’s capabilities and are able to make tough calls to know when people are not working out.
  • Encourage and cultivate our company and engineering values of being Collaborative, Innovative, Passionate, Accountable, and Continuous Improvement.

You are a model of cross-functional partnership:

  • You inspire, motivate, and activate team members and cross-functional partners.
  • You have demonstrated abilities to break down roadblocks and resolve obstacles, resulting in better partnership.
  • Are resilient in the face of challenges and seek to maintain partnership and alignment even when the going gets tough.

You have phenomenal communication and leadership skills:

  • Your communication binds teams and orgs together.
  • You demonstrate grace under pressure.
  • You are inspirational and motivational, while still having fun.
  • You’re an excellent listener-you make people feel heard and understood.
  • You demonstrate superior cross-functional communication.