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Lead Automation Engineer

Gurgaon, India


Key Responsibilities:

  • Actively involved in Framework Design, Refactoring and Architectural activities.
  • Adept in Data Structures and Design Patterns related concepts.
  • Expertise in Python development (Python is first priority; if not then Java )
  • Understand the working of data-driven, keyword-driven, behavior-driven test frameworks
  • Working knowledge on test frameworks such PyTest, Robot, TestNG etc.
  • Working knowledge of REST APIs, SOAP APIs, Selenium Webdriver
  • Integration of open source tools integration with test framework for performance, security and other system test aspects
  • Working knowledge in NoSQL databases and Linux
  • Working knowledge of Integration with datastore and dashboarding tools such as Elastic Stack, Grafana etc
  • Knowledge of complete Testing lifecycle and Test sceanarios.
  • Knowledge of working on web frameworks such as Django, Flask is preferable.
  • Test Management and JIRA integration knowledge with test framework
  • Contributor to Open Source projects.

At The Core Of Software Engineering you should also demonstrate our core values:

  • Collaborative: Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds.
  • Innovative – There is a better way, find it.
  • Accountable – You said you’d do it, so do it.
  • Transparent – Share, show and be open.
  • Passionate: Align what you do with what you love to do.
  • Continuous Improvement: Be better than yesterday.