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Why Guavus

Only Guavus provides the ability and the intelligence to manage big data and take decisive actions, in real time, giving a tremendous boost to the digital transformation across all industries. Our production deployment experience in complex, massive networks around the globe coupled with our deep expertise in analytics applications and artificial intelligence development delivers proven solutions to improve customer experience, reduce costs, and achieve the scale and security required by the Internet of Things (IoT).

A Game Changing Approach

Founded in 2006, Guavus has always been at the forefront of streaming big data analytics innovation. We fundamentally believe that in order for businesses to become truly data-driven enterprises there needs to be a new model for analyzing the massive petabytes of data that are being generated on networks and through sensors and devices; a new data fabric that correlates and analyzes the data as it hits the network. By enabling service providers, enterprises and governments to analyze data the instant it’s captured, Guavus provides our customers the unique ability to be decisive in today’s data-driven world.

Guavus Reflex® advanced analytics enable a new generation of analytics applications that have artificial intelligence built in – applications that give our customers and partners a competitive edge by helping them put all their data to work to uncover new insights, make timely decisions and take automated actions.

Senior Leadership Team

Chris Neisinger
Ken Rokoff
Kevin Keschinger VP Customer Success Guavus
Anis Chemli