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Introducing Service-IQ Device Management Analytics

Our AI/ML-driven Analytics Solutions

Guavus-IQ‘s portfolio provides a multi-perspective analytics experience for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), delivering highly correlated ‘outside-in/inside-out’ insights on customer experience (CX), service and network operations.

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What we do

Drive more value from your data using AI and Advanced Analytics

Collect data at scale
Enrich & fuse in real time
Leverage AI based analytics
Initiate action & decisions

Collect data at scale

Enrich & fuse in real time

Leverage AI based analytics

Initiate action & decisions

Guavus at Scale

$500M saved

by our customers annually!

84% reduction

in mean-time-to-understand


response to complex queries

510 Billion

real-time records analyzed daily

Up to 90%

reduction in data stored

500 Million

devices monitored in real time

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