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Drive more value from your data using AI and Advanced Analytics

Collect data at scale
Enrich & fuse in real time
Leverage AI based analytics
Initiate action & decisions

Collect data at scale

Enrich & fuse in real time

Leverage AI based analytics

Initiate action & decisions

Guavus at Scale

$500M saved

by our customers annually!

84% reduction

in mean-time-to-understand


response to complex queries

510 Billion

real-time records analyzed daily

Up to 90%

reduction in data stored

500 Million

devices monitored in real-time


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Most machine learning projects fail: Here’s how to harness analytics successfully

The majority of communications service provider (CSP) machine learning projects fail. So says David Yates, Vice President of Product Management & Marketing at Guavus. While you catch your breath at that and consider the implications for your business, here he gives five reasons for the failures, and shows how you can beat the odds.

Tractica Research Report – Artificial Intelligence for Telecommunications Applications

This article is an excerpt from the Tractica Research Report on Artificial Intelligence for Telecommunications Applications, published in 3Q 2019. This Tractica report details the major market drivers and barriers, technologies, key players, and forecasts related to eight telecom AI use cases.

Focus on Customer QoE from the Customer’s Perspective

A recent survey by McKinsey & Company of 46 telco CTOs around the globe indicated that the second highest priority, after leadership in the local market, for the rollout of 5G is improved customer experience. This indicates that, within Communications Service Providers (CSPs), the teams responsible for long-term technology strategy are clearly focused on customer experience as a key differentiator.