Cloud-based Analytics Applications for the Industrial Internet of Things

Guavus provides a cloud-based IOT analytics platform that brings together network, machine and sensor generated data within the context of enterprise data to enable a new generation of vertically-specific IoT analytics applications. These analytics applications, which span complex data environments, provide contextually-aware insights that can be embedded into workflows and decision support systems that significantly optimize business processes, resulting in increased value and new revenue streams.

Fault Management

Guavus Fault Management IOT analytics applications correlate and fuse data from smart devices such as alarms, motion sensors, drills, meters and more to identify element issues, anomalies in traffic, trigger alarms and automate corrective actions based on a clear decisioning framework

Quickly identify faults in any aspect of the IoT network from the sensor to the data center

Perform Root Cause Analysis on outage events to reduce mean time to resolution of problems; reduce operational resources and increase network reliability

Detect, isolate, and recover from system malfunctions in real-time

Smart Metering

Guavus Smart Metering IOT analytics applications enable enterprises to harness massive volumes of energy data and turn into valuable  business insights. “What-If” scenario analysis and anomaly identification and notification enable businesses to:

Achieve energy savings and carbon emission targets

Develop new rate plans and upsell customers with specific energy efficiency campaigns

Improve customer segmentation based on energy consumption trends

Proactively detect and prevent outages



Predictive Maintenance

Guavus Predictive Maintenance IOT analytics applications allow enterprises to:

Leverage advanced machine learning algorithms to identify early warning indicators of failing systems

Reduce unplanned downtime and provide confidence intervals for the time before failure of long lead-time components

Move from scheduled maintenance to event based maintenance, reducing costs, and downtime.

Efficiently manage large distributed networks where hard to obtain components must be pre-ordered, maintenance teams must be dispatched, and unscheduled maintenance is extraordinarily expensive

Service Assurance

Guavus Service Assurance IOT analytics applications bring together sensor, network and business data to provide a single end-to-end view of your IOT network to enable the faster detection and response to service quality and delivery issues.

Fuse data from data transport systems, applications, and sensors and identify the factors that influence service quality, providing real-time alerts and automated corrective actions

Predict the Quality of Service (QoS) impact resulting from changes in configurations or network performance alerting operators immediately to service impacting conditions

Correlate and integrate historical data with real-time event data to provide go/no-go indicators for high risk operational actions, for example drilling wells

Resource Optimization

Guavus Resource Optimization IOT analytics enable enterprises to become more agile and competitive by maximizing the productivity of various resources in their supply chain.

Track the usage and performance of all assets in the IoT network, identify where underutilized assets are located and indicate how they can be optimized

Identify abnormal consumption patterns and alert users to repair or replace an inefficient component

Reduce waste and and enable just-in-time provisioning of supplies and resources

Asset Tracking

Guavus Asset Tracking IOT analytics applications allow enterprises to better track and manage physical assets and equipment performance.

Provision and deploy sensors to track and trace high-value assets globally from a single common analytics cloud-based platform.

Provide sensor-based track and trace solutions fusing enterprise data, Force Majeure data, and third-party transport provider data providing truly end-to-end asset and freight tracking and arrival estimations.

Improve asset utilization and ensure equipment availability

Monitor assets in real-time to ensure compliance


Security & Breach Detection:

Guavus Security IOT analytics applications correlate sensor, device, network and business data and apply anomaly detection algorithms to identify potential threat & conditions, breach indicators and automatically mitigate in-progress attacks.

Track all inbound and outbound IP and port addresses alerting operators to potential intrusion risks

Identify changes to running software in gateways and data center systems alerting operations of potential security risks

Improve visibility into network and endpoint behavior

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