A New Model: End-to-End Streaming Analytics Platform + Decisioning Applications for Marketing, Monetization, Network, Care, & Security

As the volumes and velocity of network data has increased, the ability to use that data to make time-sensitive decisions has declined.  Traditional approaches for collecting, loading and processing data have inherent limitations that impact the ability to produce immediate results. Guavus products introduce a completely new model for analytics, giving companies a competitive edge by helping them put all their data to work to uncover new insights and make better informed and more timely decisions.

The Only Big Data Platform Designed to Process High-Volume Streams of Data with a Analyze-First Analytics Architecture

The Guavus Reflex™ Platform is capable of creating actionable information from widely distributed, high volume data streams in near real-time. The resulting “live analytics” are powerful business metrics generated from responsive querying over huge volumes of high cardinality data. Reflex uses highly optimized computational algorithms and machine learning to distill actionable insights from very large datasets. This not only continually optimizes the computational process, it enables forward-looking and predictive analysis as well as real-time decision-making and automation.

The analyze-first capabilities of Reflex allow companies to process incredibly large amounts of data - up to hundreds of billions of events or petabytes per day - from a wide variety of sources, including traditional subscriber and network data warehouses, deep packet inspection probes and network flow data, as well as unstructured machine data, which is generated throughout the network. By taking the analyze-first approach, Guavus eliminates the need to spend millions on storage and eschews the time constraints to store, gather and process data.

Business Applications with Data Science Built-In

Guavus introduces a new type of business analytic applications, with built-in data science, that gives companies a competitive edge. These new decisioning applications correlate data across multiple sources to put all the relevant data to work, giving professionals new capabilities to operate with a bigger, more complete picture, as well as continual analysis of the data the instant its captured.