Next-Generation Analytics Applications with
Data Science Built-in

Guavus provides CSPs, Cable & Media and Enterprise customers with an extensive portfolio of products for network planning, operations and marketing. By correlating, fusing and analyzing streaming data from the network and enriching it with business operational data, Guavus is able to very quickly uncover actionable insights on a per network element, device and application level – all while complying with subscriber
privacy policies. The result is a suite of next-generation analytically powered applications that have data science & machine learning built-in.


Plan network capacity more effectively by analyzing streaming subscriber, network and usage data with stored operational data to create more responsive and dynamic networks.


Use Service Assurance analytics to create next generation OSS/BSS solutions, resolve MTTR network issues faster with root cause analysis, and proactively improve network performance with predictive analytics before network issues occur.


Use subscriber analytics to better understand the customer journey, leverage subscriber and network data and enrich it with context to create hyper-targeted advertising campaigns, cross/upsell new products and services, implement customer loyalty programs, and develop more profitable customer acquisition blueprints.

“Guavus’ size and telecom-focus provides an agile approach that enables customers to adopt solutions faster at a lower cost”

— Anil Rao, Senior Analyst, Analysys Mason

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