Transforming Businesses through Data-Driven Decision Making

Improve Operating Efficiencies, Generate New Revenue Streams, Develop New Products & Enhance the Customer Experience

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are at the epicenter of the big data explosion and have a unique opportunity to capitalize on this data to transform their business. Collectively they process billions of transactions per day, while individually they each face the challenge of scaling their networks to handle the continuous growth in data brought about by increased bandwidth speeds, mobile devices, sensors and more.

By correlating and fusing together diverse data about their networks, subscribers, devices and content, CSPs are uniquely positioned to uncover valuable insights that will allow them to improve operating efficiencies, generate new revenue streams, develop innovative new products and provide meaningful, highly relevant experiences for each of their subscribers. Guavus provides the essential data fabric and big data analytics solutions across network operations, marketing, and customer care and allows CSPs to monetize their data for new revenue streams either directly or through third-party partners.

The world’s most data-intensive companies trust Guavus to help them take strategic advantage of their data assets to give them a disruptive edge.