Providing dynamic solutions for data-rich businesses, so you can gain a competitive advantage in creating more meaningful customer experiences

Every moment is an opportunity.  The chance to become a better decision-maker—to show your customers that you understand and respond directly to their needs. Chatting on a cell phone, performing a bank transaction, making an airline reservation, and countless other activities hold clues into what makes a product or service stand out.  By enabling you to analyze data the instant it’s captured, Guavus gives you the unique ability to be decisive in today’s data-driven world.

Through a new class of business analytic applications embedded with powerful data science, you have the power to immediately distill data into actionable insight

For the first time, Guavus brings business professionals fine-grained, precise insight to every moment by continually correlating and instantly analyzing an unlimited amount of dynamic and static data. These new capabilities result in a considerable improvement for users in the speed and amount of relevant information and insight they bring to act decisively, moment by moment – reshaping the way businesses generate new revenue, reduce operating expenditures, and monetize new services.

No more gathering then storing data prior to analysis, no more relying on incomplete reports, no more time spent waiting for a consultant’s opinion. The Guavus Reflex™ suite of integrated analytics applications gives companies a competitive edge by helping them put all their data to work to uncover new insights and make better informed and more timely decisions.


We build real-time data-science directly into our decisioning applications enabling you to gain a holistic view of your entire business

Since 2006, Guavus has been giving our growing network of customers a proven advantage through non-stop data analysis.  Some of the world’s largest communication service providers and digital media distribution networks use Guavus as an essential part of their day-to-day operations.  Customers and industry experts alike appreciate the game-changing perspective that our innovative products and solutions offer.

Let’s work together.  Let’s embrace what’s possible.

Industry Recognition

Guavus is continuously recognized by customers and industry experts for our innovation and contributions to the field of big data streaming analytics.

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