Unprecedented Scale & Time to Value

Proven at the world’s largest communications companies, Guavus provides an operational intelligence platform integrated with a suite of next-generation big data analytics applications for planning, operations and marketing. These applications have deep domain expertise and data science built-in to provide real-time analytics that enable businesses to become more efficient, profitable and competitive.




Internet of Things

The Guavus Difference

Guavus enables Fortune 500 enterprises to leverage sensors, network, customer and business data to become more profitable, efficient and competitive.

Operational Intelligence Platform

Guavus Reflex™ correlates, fuses and integrates streaming data with stored data to reveal previously undiscoverable insights in real-time at a per network, per subscriber level.

Data Science

Data scientists apply machine-learning algorithms to identify key trends and patterns that deliver transformational solutions to pressing business problems.

Analytics Applications

A new generation of analytics applications based on deep domain expertise that reveal previously undiscoverable, contextually-aware insights for better quality decision-making.

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